Flooding: High-Water Mark

The high-water mark is the mark indicating the highest level water has reached on a particular structure or home. In our case, it was about 56 inches. In the picture above, our son is standing on his tip-toes to point to the height of the water during one of our worst flooding episodes.

“Know Your Line: Be Flood Aware” FEMA, along with 7 other federal agencies, has recently developed a high-water mark initiative designed to illustrate the high-water mark in areas prone to flooding. The idea is to illustrate, by posting signs, to residents of a community the flooding history for a particular location so they can take the necessary steps to protect themselves from future flooding. To date a handful of communities across the USA are participating in this initiative.

In the picture below it highlights a high water mark for flooding that took place during Hurricane Sandy in New York City. 

Note the muddy water line above this car.
Note the muddy water line above this car.


For more information on high-water lines in terms of flooding see here.


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