House Elevation: First Steps for the House Lift


Lift process continues: holes were cut into the foundation to secure room for the steel beams. The project is still new and exciting, with high hopes that all will continue to run smoothly. Our boys found the construction process endlessly interesting and enjoyed seeing the development up close and personally. 

Former front steps area
Former front steps

Above you can see the front door and where the stairs have been jackhammered off the house. In effort to lift the house, all exterior stairs and landscaping had to be removed. The giant rectangle has been cut, as seen above, to make room for the steel beams that will be inserted. These cuts were made around the entire perimeter of the house. 

Holes cut around the perimeter of the property
Holes cut around the perimeter of the property

Because we have a narrow lot and in close proximity to our neighbors, the job was especially  tricky. If they had unlimited space to work (e.g., a house in an open field) and one that was all one level (e.g., shaped like a shoe box)  – the house could be lifted in a day or two. Our job took a bit more time.

The beams were inserted in cross-directions to support the house during the lift with the use of a crane and lots of patience.

Snaking the steel beam through the house
Snaking the steel beam through the house


Beams run end to end though the house

The steel beams run front to back and side to side, all around and through the house. Huge holes are everywhere. There is no turning back now.


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