House Elevation: Foundation Walls


This week finds the crew feverishly at work completing the new foundation. Cinder blocks meticulously trimmed with cement were built up, to the requisite new height for our house, creating our new foundation walls. This process was a bit reminiscent of the story of the “Three Little Pigs” when the third Little Pig, the smart one, built his house of bricks to ward of the Big Bad Wolf.

In our case, the “Big Bad Wolf” happens to be flood water – and lots of it.

Crumbling old foundation
Crumbling old foundation

What was left of the original foundation walls had to be demolished in several places as it had deteriorated.

Fresh new walls in the making
Fresh new walls in the making

New footings had to be poured before the walls could be erected.

No foundation walls ...
No foundation walls …

After several weeks of hard work under the scorching hot sun, the foundation is just about complete.


The majority of the foundation is now complete.


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