Gas Meter Location for Elevated House


This week began with a visit from our local utility company (conEd) in effort to determine the new placement for our gas meter. As the old gas meter was previously located in our basement and said basement is scheduled to disappear, the meter must be relocated.

By ‘disappear’ I mean that the former basement will be back-filled then covered over with cement, as per protocol when elevating a house in a floodplain.

Gas meter locked for safety during the lift.
Gas meter locked for safety prior to the lift.

Contingent to being able to move back home, we will have to have the gas reconnected, making this a crucial part of the project. It is also one where lengthy delays could come into play. Here’s why: The ConEd site supervisor stopped by the house this morning to determine the new location for the gas meter. She must turn in the specific site location along with pictures to the ConEd engineering department. Estimated time for the engineers to approve the site – 2 weeks.

Once approved by ConEd engineers, they will submit the plans to the building department in our city in order to get a permit to complete the work. Time frame –  another 2 weeks. After they have the building permit, ConEd will put our project on their construction schedule. Time frame???? Lady luck will hopefully be in our corner.

Because the current gas lines are from the 1920’s, ConEd will need to install brand new lines from the street to our house, requiring some excavation work  (read: more time) and not  simply moving a meter.


In the photo above, you can see the gas meter on the remaining portion of the front wall, just after our house had been raised. The new meter will be located on the side of our house, a few feet in front of where my son in the red shirt is standing.

The relocating of a little gas meter is going to be a big part of the deciding factor as to when we can move back into our house. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be the exception to the adage that the energy companies take forever to get anything done.


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