Mudroom Renovation

WEEK 21: The mudroom, like this entire project, is S-L-O-W-L-Y  taking shape this week. In an earlier post I had discussed the history of flooding in this room as well as tips on choosing tile, so this is mostly a pictorial update.


Flood Savvy
What lies beneath the mudroom floor

The base of our mudroom has been filled with cement. #floodproof


The floor was built up and then the concrete was poured. We opted for a high-rated tile from Home Depot as opposed to designer tile from a tile store. The ratings on the tile were very similar, but the price-point was not. Home Depot for the win. 

For more information on the tile selection see this post “Lighting Up $100 Bills.” 

Flood Savvy
Mudroom awaiting fresh tile


The tile was laid out and the sheet rock was installed this week.

Flood Savvy
New tile and sheet rock

The tile will definitely serve the “mud” room well and hide what my boys will track inside.

2 thoughts on “Mudroom Renovation

  1. All houses should have a mudroom, and a storage room. Unfortunately most houses in Australia have neither. So I look at this with some envy.
    I’m up to date – what a fascinating story of the elevation, wow what a journey.


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