Just a Mess

Week 22: What happens when a crew of sheet rock workers run amok in your house? Someone’s going to be very unhappy. That someone was me this week.  The first day this crew started, they made a huge mess. Dust was everywhere. The kind of dust that can find its way into closed cabinets. I was not happy. I let them know. I asked them what their wives would say if they made this kind of mess in their home, hoping to appeal to their spirit of treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

Fuel for the fire was that I had covered anything that may be in harm’s way, and someone had UNCOVERED everything. Seriously.

Flood Savvy

Drywall goes up in new room

I thought they were really inconsiderate, but assumed they had heard my concerns. Well, they may have heard them, but they sure didn’t heed them. The next day’s mess was even bigger. They had come back to tape and mud the drywall and just let the spackling paste fly.

Flood Savvy

This piece had been covered.

Flood Savvy

Spackling mud on the stairs

Flood Savvy

On a table

They also had it on a curtain rod in an adjoining room, door handles, the kitchen floor and the mat in our foyer. Guess they didn’t like my suggestion to treat our home with more respect.

Where was my contractor during all of this? Good question. I encouraged my contractor to refrain from sending pig-like animals to work on my home. He apologized.

What other fun treat did we have happen this week? Our contractor’s electrician broke through a sealed off bathroom to take a dump and clogged the toilet. Clogged it. Are you kidding me?

I’ve heard that construction can be really messy, but his week was over the top. If this we’re a cheesy 1970’s commercial I’d be encouraging Calgon to take me away. If this were a Rolling Stones song, I’d be reaching for mother’s little helper.

2 thoughts on “Just a Mess

  1. Minuet

    Ouch. One advantage of doing my own renovation is I’m the only one to blame for the mess (and the only one left to clean it up too!) I have one lime green splat of paint on the polished wood floor outside my bedroom. Short of magic the only way I can see it getting there is off the sole of my shoe. The only place I’ve used said lime green paint is downstairs…on the other side of the house – so this splot walked the full length of the outside of the house, up steps, across the deck, in the back door, across a heap of carpet and down the wooden hall and managed to imprint in my bedroom? Now that’s staying power. Good luck with the clean up

    1. FloodSavvy Post author

      The clean up behind us, I’ve since regrouped, but not before I let my contractor know in no uncertain terms that mucking up the inside of someone’s home is taboo #1 for a contractor. It’s really construction 101 on how to get or lose new business. Your green splotch experience is intriguing. That was one determined bit of paint!



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