Exterior Railings for an Elevated House

Flood Savvy
Front staircase view – still awaiting the railings

Exterior railings add an element of flair and fashion to your house, along with safety measures. They may seem like a minor detail, but railings can have a dramatic impact on the visual appeal of your house. Our house project is coming along this week and the staircase is now complete except for the railing. 

In the picture above you can see the completed staircase, sans railings. In terms of the railings we went back and forth between wooden and wrought iron. We ended up going with wrought iron for their classic clean appeal and had a team build them on site. 

Switchback style stairs including runs and landings.

The photo above shows the custom made railings soon after installation. The gray tones are the original color of the iron railings. The black paint we choose helps to preserve the railings from rust and sets a neural tone.

The same team who built our railing system, also painted it for us.

This week also saw the installation of the front porch columns, all exterior trim work completed, and the exterior faucets reinstalled. We are still awaiting the leaders to be dropped for storm water run-off. Also, the cedar shingle has been added and is still fresh. Over time it will blend and not longer be a drastic color distinction.


Finally, finished railings!

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