Flood Savvy

Prepping House for Elevation: Chimney Chase Remodel and Design

Before the House Elevation

One of the first steps in this house elevation project was to remove the chase of a superfluous chimney. As all of our mechanicals had already been relocated to another area of our house, well above the threat of any flood, this chimney was no longer needed. As such, it had to be removed prior to elevating our house.

Flood Savvy
Furnace Chimney prior to house elevation.
Flood Savvy
Chimney removal for house elevation
Flood Savvy
Chimney demolition is complete

As the chimney extends from the basement to the roof, it used to be hidden away behind our walls, minding its own business. But it did create an unfortunate bump-out in our kitchen that broke up the visual flow of the room, as well as taking up valuable real estate.

After the House Elevation

Flood Savvy
Chimney tucked neatly behind the bead-board.
Flood Savvy
Chimney removed – space opened up. Note the plaster walls.

We’ve since ordered new cabinets to fill this void and will have a butcher block installed merging the two counter top pieces. The butcher block will help to break up the monotony of a long run of granite as well as make it appear more inherent to the kitchen rather than an after thought add-on. While we wait for the cabinets to arrive, we’ve prepped the space in anticipation.

Flood Savvy
Former location of chimney, the space is prepped for cabinets.

On our second floor, we created a linen closet when the chimney used to run. As an old house, closets are not its strong suit. Maybe in that bygone area they didn’t have any extra stuff to squirrel away anyway.

Flood Savvy

Former location of chimney chase. This will become a linen closet.

Flood Savvy

The picture is not deceptive, it IS a small closet, but a closet none-the-less. Can easily store sheets, blankets and beach towels like a champ in this captured storage space.

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