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Flash Floods versus Tornadoes

Flash Floods A flash flood is a sudden local flood that happens in low lying areas. The main cause of flash floods are heavy rains and/or excessive snow melt. Out of all the different types of flooding, flash floods are considered to be the most dangerous.They can occur after a mere five minutes of heavy rainfall. Flash flood water often moves at high speeds creating … Continue reading Flash Floods versus Tornadoes

Rising Tides: 5 Coastal Cities Facing Major Impacts

Due to the affects of global warming, sea levels have started to rise at a rapid rate. Globally the sea is rising at a rate of 3.6mm a year, but in some parts of the world it is rising at a much faster pace. Many cities around the globe will be impacted by rising sea levels. Below are a few of the primary cities slated … Continue reading Rising Tides: 5 Coastal Cities Facing Major Impacts


Flood Insurance: Government (NFIP) vs Private

Typically a person gets flood insurance to cover some costs of flood induced damage to your home and other personal items.There are two types of flood insurance, government flood insurance and private flood insurance. For the most part, flood insurance is insured by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and is managed by FEMA, but some people go a different path and get private flood … Continue reading Flood Insurance: Government (NFIP) vs Private

The Five Types of Floods

For the most part there are five different types of floods: flash floods, coastal floods, urban floods, river floods, and ponding floods. The two most common being river and flash floods. River flooding tends to be more widespread, encompassing huge swaths of land while flash floods tend to be more dangerous. # 1 Flash Flood Flash floods are floods caused by heavy rainfall or rapid … Continue reading The Five Types of Floods

Is Global Warming Making Flooding Worse?

Throughout time, society has become more and more industrialized, and global warming has really started to make an impact on our environment. As the effects of global warming are starting to be seen around the world, one aspect of our environment that is going to change are natural disasters, or more specifically flooding. One thing that long term climate change does is make for more … Continue reading Is Global Warming Making Flooding Worse?

10 Tips for Driving Through Flood Water

After heavy rainfall, the roadways can sometimes become flooded with water and you might have a difficult time trying to drive through the water. In some instances cars can be overpowered by the water and be left useless. “If you don’t know how deep the water is, then don’t drive through it. The best plan is to park your car on the highest ground possible … Continue reading 10 Tips for Driving Through Flood Water

The Danger of Flash Floods

There are a few different types of floods, and one of the most dangerous variations is the flash floods. Flash floods are when there is an overflow of water onto dry land caused by heavy and excessive rain fall in a short period of time. What makes these floods so dangerous is a lot of the time you can’t really prepare for them since they … Continue reading The Danger of Flash Floods