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Flooded roadway

10 Tips for Driving Through Flood Water

After heavy rainfall, the roadways can sometimes become flooded with water and you might have a difficult time trying to drive through the water. In some instances cars can be overpowered by the water and be left useless.

Flooded roadway
Flash floods cause major driving hazards

“If you don’t know how deep the water is, then don’t drive through it. The best plan is to park your car on the highest ground possible and take shelter. If a vehicle is driven through standing water, a driver risks flooding the engine, warping brake rotors, loss of power steering, or a short in the electrical components of the car, all of which can be costly to repair.”

Moore, AAA spokeswoman roadway
Flooded roadways can mean big trouble when driving

Here are 10 tips on how to avoid getting your car stuck in flood water.

# 1- Try and avoid still water if possible.

#2- Use your fog lights, these can really improve your visibility in flood conditions.

#3- Leave doubble the space in between you and the car ahead of you since your breaks wont work as good.

#4- Test your breaks, often in deep water the breaks will fail.

#5- Do not drive into moving flood water if its deeper than 4 inches, moving water can sometimes be surprisingly strong so it is best not to test how strong the water is with your car.

#6- Do not drive fast, drive slow to not make a bow wave and to avoid aquaplaning.

#7- If your car does manage to get stuck, most of the time it is better to sit in the car and wait for help.

#8- Drive in the middle of the road, most of the time it is higher elevated than the sides.

#9- Try and drive right behind another car, doing this will create a bit of a wake for you and your car will get better traction this way.

#10- If you see any fallen power lines, avoid the street at all costs, if these wires are still live they will have the chance to seriously injure a person.

The Danger of Flash Floods

There are a few different types of floods, and one of the most dangerous variations is the flash floods. Flash floods are when there is an overflow of water onto dry land caused by heavy and excessive rain fall in a short period of time. What makes these floods so dangerous is a lot of the time you can’t really prepare for them since they happen on such short notice and the fact that the water usually moves at very high speeds.

Flash floods are the most deadly type of floods, killing more people annually than tornados, hurricanes, and lightning. This video above showcases some examples of flash floods from this past year. The video shows just how dangerous these floods can really be and how they can happen almost out of no where.

The best response to any signs of flash flooding is to move immediately and quickly to higher ground. Cars can be easily be swept away in just 2 feet of moving water. If flood waters rise around a car, it should be abandoned. Passengers should climb to higher ground.