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Flash Floods versus Tornadoes

Flash Floods A flash flood is a sudden local flood that happens in low lying areas. The main cause of flash floods are heavy rains and/or excessive snow melt. Out of all the different types of flooding, flash floods are considered to be the most dangerous.They can occur after a mere five minutes of heavy rainfall. Flash flood water often moves at high speeds creating … Continue reading Flash Floods versus Tornadoes

The Five Types of Floods

For the most part there are five different types of floods: flash floods, coastal floods, urban floods, river floods, and ponding floods. The two most common being river and flash floods. River flooding tends to be more widespread, encompassing huge swaths of land while flash floods tend to be more dangerous. # 1 Flash Flood Flash floods are floods caused by heavy rainfall or rapid … Continue reading The Five Types of Floods

The Danger of Flash Floods

There are a few different types of floods, and one of the most dangerous variations is the flash floods. Flash floods are when there is an overflow of water onto dry land caused by heavy and excessive rain fall in a short period of time. What makes these floods so dangerous is a lot of the time you can’t really prepare for them since they … Continue reading The Danger of Flash Floods

18 Inches of Rain Brings Pain to Boulder, Colorado

At long last the rain has let up and the storm has passed, yet many will feel the ramifications of the recent flooding in Boulder, Colorado for months to come. Numerous homes endured total destruction while others suffered comparatively minor damage with flooding restricted to their basement. Unfortunately for those without flood insurance, they will have to rebuild on their own. Flooding is about as … Continue reading 18 Inches of Rain Brings Pain to Boulder, Colorado


Perks to Flooding … the Rainbow after the Storm

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” Robert Frost In the days after a flood event, it can be very overwhelming. Take a deep breath and a shot of courage, then put your big boy/girl pants on, chuck aside the useless self-pity and get to work. Be patient, work diligently, help your neighbors and look for the rainbow. … Continue reading Perks to Flooding … the Rainbow after the Storm