House Elevation Project Runs Amok

WEEK NINE  A big disappointment  – that sums up week nine of our house elevation project. The lifting company, Payne, was ready to return to the site, but the construction crew did not have the site sufficiently prepped. As Payne is jamming with business, they did not have the luxury of time to sit around and wait. They moved on to their next job in … Continue reading House Elevation Project Runs Amok


Staircase Options for an Elevated House

NEW STAIR DESIGN: One of the trickier elements to elevating a house is creating the new access stairs. Whether you are lifting your house two feet off the ground or a full story, functional yet attractive stairs will need to be designed for your home. Three things will greatly dictate  your options: the number of steps you need, the size of the property, and where your … Continue reading Staircase Options for an Elevated House


House Elevation: Foundation Walls

WEEK 7 This week finds the crew feverishly at work completing the new foundation. Cinder blocks meticulously trimmed with cement were built up, to the requisite new height for our house, creating our new foundation walls. This process was a bit reminiscent of the story of the “Three Little Pigs” when the third Little Pig, the smart one, built his house of bricks to ward … Continue reading House Elevation: Foundation Walls

Upside to Downsizing: Why Temporary Housing Isn’t All Bad

Moving from a house to an apartment has a few unforeseen advantages: #1 Downsizing to an apartment required me to bring only the essentials. Not that much really. I realized how much extra stuff we’ve accumulated over the years. For example, those boxes collecting dust in my attic for the past 10 years are mostly just taking up space. If I haven’t had a need … Continue reading Upside to Downsizing: Why Temporary Housing Isn’t All Bad