Fireplace Repairs Post Flooding

Although the majority of our house hails from the 1920’s, an addition was added in 1990’s by a previous owner – which included a wood burning fireplace. For years the fireplace provided a warm crackling glow to the our family room. Then … it was inundated by a flood or two. During the second flood of 2007 our family room sustained a fair amount of … Continue reading Fireplace Repairs Post Flooding

Elevated House: Damage Post-Lift Part 2

There are many positive aspects to lifting your house above the flood plain, mainly that you will no longer have the dreaded anticipation of an impending flood every time it rains. That can not be overstated enough.  But once you move back in (yeah!) and not longer flood (whoop whoop) your house will likely have a few new interior issues to deal with.  WALL CRACKS … Continue reading Elevated House: Damage Post-Lift Part 2

Careless Contractor’s Run Amok

Week 22:  What happens when a crew of sheet rock workers run amok in your house? Someone’s going to be very unhappy. That someone was me this week. The first day this crew started, they made a huge mess. Dust was everywhere. The kind of dust that can find its way into closed cabinets. I was not happy. I let them know. I asked them what … Continue reading Careless Contractor’s Run Amok